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Posted by Jacinda Montalto on March 13, 2013 at 2:10 PM



Starting early as a first food is great!

We are in the Season of Spring Cleaning!

For me Spring Cleaning includes a gentle digestive detox.

The start of this year I gave birth to a baby and had a little side track to my normal routines and food preparations. Not only am I getting back to again eating ferments daily I am preparing to do a gentle juice cleanse. I would like to say that I always include fresh veggie juice in my daily diet but I find I get into it in cycles with daily consistancey that lasts months at a time and then take a break and come back with enthusiasum once again.

During long-term juicing you will go through phases...

Phase one: Gut detoxification by removal of putrefied matter in your digestive tract. Particularly all the plaques of starchy matter. The length of time depends on the individual's condition and how often they are taking in the juices.

You will likely have frequent bowel movements and be prone to diarrhea especially so if you overdo the amount of juice you take in for the phase you are at. I suggest you start during a time you will have privacy and be primarily in your own home so you can make use of the bathroom frequently. It is best to take in frequent small amounts of juice in the beginning days. Such as ¼ c. 4 times a day AS YOU REDUCE starches and choose easier to digest fats such as coconut oil your body will learn to balance the types of oils you introduce into the intestines. When your body tolerates the initial amount increase to half cups and soon... Within a few weeks you should be able to drink glasses at a time with no flatulence or diarrhea.

Phase two: Your appetite will increase and you will crave whole foods and proper hydration! You will likely start to see some signs in your skin that your cells are being revitalized and hydrated well!

Don't stop now. Keep it up. As you see your stools regulate you will know that you are eating the proper balance of food types...

Here is where referring to the Bristol Stool Chart can be very helpful in monitoring if your digestive tract is improving. ( see reference page )

Phase three: After 3-4 months you should have an increase in feelings of well being and see weight loss or healthy weight stabilization, you may see signs of chronic conditions improving such as Diabetes, Anxiety, Bowel irregularities,Skin issues, Eye health, Dental and Oral health and more.

Phase four: Your body is running much more optimally now and many of your long standing issues will have ceased. You may have put aside many or all of your prescribed pharmaceutics.

If you are using a practitioner or clinic such as the Gerson Institute to facilitate the juicing process as well as tailor a regime to your specific nutrient needs you may have just cured Cancer, Asthma, Skins disorders or other chronic and life threatening diseases.

Phase 5: This is when you have to make a decision as to what changes you will keep in yourlifestyle!

My personal recommendation is to NOT go into Veganism but let your revitalized digestive tract feed off of moderate animal proteins and fats per the Weston A. Price philosophy.

I would also introduce the fermented vegetable and dairy products that maintain the proper gut flora all bodies need :^)

Continue all along with nuts and seeds but take the extra steps to soak, dry, grind or make easily digestible by using sourdoughs.



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